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He had dirty dreadlocks that she swore smelled like weed and bad yellow teeth. He'd changed into swim trunks and wore an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. Ray owned his own surveying company and Ted worked for him.

He grinned at the four tourists, even having the nerve to drop his eyes down to her impressive bosom. She walked straight to the door, slid it open and stepped out on the balcony. He had stripped down and changed into tight form fitted swim trunks, short down his muscular thighs. His large beer belly stuck out and wisps of gray hair covered his chest. Lara kissed him on the cheek and slipped inside the motel room. Ted and Karen were only twenty-five and only married a few years while Ray was twenty years older then them, but he and Ted got along very well. Ray on the other hand looked older then forty-five.

Lara was used to it, but didn't care for having a black man check her out. The entire far wall was one big glass window with sliding glass doors leading out to the balcony. The warmth hit her in the face along with a cool breeze and the wonderful smell of salt water. Steel drum music filled her ears from the band playing down by the pool. The bar actually went into the pool and you could sit on stools in the water and drink. "Yes, tell him he's the best boss in the world," said Ted strolling out of his room. He was fit and muscular, lean waist, broad chest, triceps and biceps. He grinned at her, catching her staring and she turned away just as Ted wrapped those muscular arms around his wife from the back and the two stared out at the ocean. He wasn't the greatest to look at, but he was a fun loving guy and knew how to enjoy himself. He'd gone gray early and working outside in the rough weather had his face looking worn.

She quickly turned away only to catch Ted discreetly adjusting himself while his wife's back was turned. She heard feminine giggling beside her and opened her eyes. They'd been married five years and had dated five before that.

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