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The theatrical cut, alone, included 293 f-bombs and at least as many colorfully delivered variations of the n-word for people who depend on studio-provided screeners to endure.Clearly, such concerns were of little consequence to those who actually were required to purchase tickets for the privilege of watching a movie.There is also an additional record storage facility (Deep Store The National Archives was created in 2003 by combining the Public Record Office and the Historical Manuscripts Commission and is a non-ministerial department reporting to the Minister of State for digital policy.On 31 October 2006, The National Archives merged with the Office of Public Sector Information (OPSI), which itself also contained Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) which was previously a part of the Cabinet Office. TNA claims it is "at the heart of information policy—setting standards and supporting innovation in information and records management across the UK, and providing a practical framework of best practice for opening up and encouraging the re-use of public sector information.The site was originally a World War I hospital, which was later used by several government departments. Until its closure in March 2008, the Family Records Centre in Islington was run jointly by The National Archives and the General Register Office.The National Archives has an additional office in Norwich, which is primarily for former OPSI staff.The National Archives is based in Kew in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames in south-west London.

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The controversial dispute centres around the claim by Armenia that Ottoman Turks in 1915 killed an estimated 1.5 million of its citizens - something Turkey has always strongly denied.

But French diplomats confirmed to EUobserver that as a result of a political decision, the bill has not been put on the upper house's agenda and that the parliamentary session is now almost over ahead of the electoral campaign for the presidential and legislative poll to be held in April, May and June.

Asked whether this means the controversial legislation is off the table even after the new parliament convenes, a French diplomat said the "draft bill would have to be voted again by the new National Assembly to resume the process." The bill's adoption in France's lower house last autumn led to strong criticism by both the European Commission and the Turkish authorities.

"I think that 1915 is such a sensitive and delicate political theme that it shouldn't be subject to political power games.

It should not be up to politicians to decide which version of history should be acknowledged by everyone," she told EUobserver.

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